Kitchen Granite Worktops

Pyramid Granite Distribution based in the West Midlands are kitchen granite worktops specialists. We supply and fit, or simply supply to customers that want to give their kitchen a luxury look. We have completed full kitchen projects in both domestic and commercial areas. As manufacturers of Quartz, Mitre and Granite worktops we are able to provide quality products and can see a project to the finished end product.

Pyramid Granite aim to supply and fit granite worktops without leaving people thinking it is an expensive product. This is because we supply quality service and worktops where you will see return in your investment. Granite worktops are not only long lasting but they also leave a long lasting great impression on your kitchen. It will also add value to your property and surprise every one of your guests with a superior wow look.

We are established and are well known in providing every customer with a promised service that we complete and see throughout. Our dedication in providing quality Kitchen Granite Worktops is complimented by our quality in customer service.Granite worktops results in style and elegance for any kitchen. It is a natural stone with extreme strength and durability. Nothing compares to having a luxury, beautiful and enduring Kitchen Granite Worktops. We have a variety of styles including Mirror Flex Quartz, Pure Colour Series, Diamond Series Worktops, Star Galaxy Series Worktops and metallic colours in Red and White.

What makes granite worktops value for money? The physical properties include high resistance to scratching, knock, an impressive impact heat resistance to 180 degrees, stain resistance and antibacterial properties so pan burns, hot spills, day to day running of your kitchen is no problem for granite worktops.Come to our Birmingham based showroom and warehouse where you will see how we fabricate each kitchen worktop or call us on 0795 635 7912 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff.Please note: Full template and fit service is also available for customers that like a complete service from start to finish. With worry free no deposit or payment until satisfactory completion. All fabrication work is done at our Stoke-on-Trent workshop using the latest quantum 330 cnc machines. We also give you peace of mind with five years guarantee on materials.

Granite Worktops that Add Spark to Your Kitchen

When it comes down to your home, everyone wants to make it as beautiful and unique as possible. And why should you not? It is nothing less than what you and your home deserves. No one likes to get back to a house which seems uninviting and distasteful. This is why people spend so much on interior designing and furnishing their house according to their personal choices and preferences. At Pyramid Granite Distribution, we understand your desire to make your house the “Home sweet home” of your dreams, and strive to breathe life into this beautiful dream of yours.

With our beautiful and well crafted kitchen granite worktops, get the best look for your kitchen that only seemed possible in movies or advertisements. Why let poorly designed slabs and worktops ruin the perfect look which you can achieve for your kitchen when you have Pyramid Granite’s exquisitely designed and high-quality granites that can add that extra spark to your kitchen. Working in collaboration with one of the largest quartz stone manufacturers in Europe, we pride ourselves in our ability to create the most amazing and vibrant hues and colors in our granites that are engineered from quartz stone to make your kitchen look special.

We have come up with various different packages and designs to suit your unique needs and refurbish your kitchen according to your own tastes and preferences. Our tailor made specifications are just what you need to liven up the atmosphere as soon as you enter your kitchen, something that is sure to bring out a wide smile on your face. Our premier product, the Mia High Gloss lacquer painted kitchen with a contemporary off white finish speaks of class and radiance, and will give your kitchen a finishing worthy of any royal kitchen. Sleek, slender, and beautiful, give your kitchen the makeover which was long overdue and which is nothing short of what your kitchen deserves with Pyramid Granite’s kitchen granite worktops.

Our designs are custom made and tailored to incorporate what our customers envision for their kitchen, with various base units, wall units, larder units, drawer packs, sinks, and bi fold wall units available to choose from which provide our customers the much needed variety which they seek while building their kitchen. Not only are we a company that makes the highest quality quartz stone granites which makes your kitchen a favorite destination of your neighbors, but we also offer them at very reasonable prices so that our customers doesn’t have to break their backs while trying to build the kitchen of their dreams. Now achieve what you thought was not possible, get what you thought was beyond reach, and have a kitchen that would make you a proud owner with a smile every time you show it off to someone new entering your house.